Thursday, 3 April 2014

LEAD Christian School, Aplaya, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna

This school is a run by a husband and wife team, dedicated to the ideal that " Quality Education is for the masses and not just for the elite."

The demographic of Sta. Rosa City in Laguna consists of 14,000 people (as per the 2010 census conducted by the NSCB) and has steadily grown to accommodate the growth of the Technology Parks.

Santa Rosa was mainly known for the Coca-Cola and Toyota manufacturing plants in its industrial estates. More recently it has also become famous for being the site of Enchanted Kingdom, a local theme park, as well as several housing developments. Santa Rosa is also the exit travellers take along the South Luzon Expressway to go to Tagaytay and Taal Volcano. This city contains the 3rd largest complex in Laguna, Paseo de Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa became a city by virtue of Republic Act No. 9264, which was ratified by the citizens on July 10, 2004. (the description was taken and can be read as linked)

The main issue of this school is the funding.

Majority of the 80 students are from the more impoverished demographic, and the admissions are handled by the couple who had the dream of running the school for the poor in the first place. That is, their heart is for the education of all the kids. So much so, that some of these kids are actually being educated free of charge.

Now, there is no such thing as "free". You see, the cost is carried by Pastor Jessie and Pastor Annie.

The dilemma is that its operation and expansion is not equal the income. When that occurs, our only solution is to either increase the income, decrease the operation, stop the expansion or a combination of both.

My dream is to build a school to benefit those who are too poor to afford education, impact the kids by giving them the skills for the "real world" and not just in the Philippines. I also want to impact their parents by giving them the opportunity to re-train in trades that they can obtain gainful employment from. The main aim for this charity is to give the poor a chance to know Jesus by helping them improve the quality of their lives.

I unashamedly want to glorify His Name by getting the lower middle class and poor families Hope again.

So what do we need the money for?

Communication (phone and internet)
Education Permit
Printing Fees
General Maintenance
Facilities for Rent
Teacher's Salary

All that aside, it is for the children.
All kids like colouring, it seems

How can one, in good conscience, refuse to educate a child who is willing and yearning to learn? A four year old who just wants to be a nurse, because she wants to help other people... a little boy whose father works for less than $10 a day, but he wants to be a teacher so he can give other kids a better future...can you refuse them?

Please forgive this post, as this will be a dynamic document. I will modify the contents and re-advertise.

I am sorry that I am not as animated with my post as before. My situations at work and charity has detrimentally changed.

I will post more later.

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