Sunday, 20 July 2014

Depression vs the reality

Upon arrival in Tacloban, I was excited.

There was such anticipation of the mission in front of me. I was looking forward to being able to contribute in any way possible.

That, and I do not know what earthly idea was to be expected.

The first day, we went to a hamlet (we Pinoys call it a "Barangay") north of Tacloban City. The typhoon knocked out all power to this place and also destroyed a reasonably sized school hall, school bathroom and two classrooms.

These students, upon our arrival, were found in class with their teachers continuing their education, focusing on their learning and thanking God that we were in the area for a bit of momentary relief.

It was hard going. There had been so many relief efforts given to the victims of the whole of Tacloban, that the poor volunteers and government workers were flustered.

As an example, the port authorities have "lost" 8 20 foot containers filled with baby food!

Here we are at the docks, 12pm and excited

50 odd pastors with their entourage of parishoners, assistant pastors and relatives from all over Leyte. Some of them drove 6 hours to get to the dock at 11am. Some of them are lucky enough to have work to go back to the next day. Others are just unemployed... waiting in faith knowing that the Lord is in control.

There was one government representative and 5 volunteers from Campus Crusade for Christ.

Fun ensued when it was found out that a majority of the pastors were not listed down to be receiving the relief goods as they did not respond in a timely manner to register their interest.

Even more fun was that after two hours in the pier, we finally found the containers and a melee ensued. All I remember seeing was chaos, till we formed lines and started packing for people. 

Found them!!

Reality hit as I got home.

My funding is vapour because I trusted a sole financier of the Foundation and he got into a bit of trouble with the Australian Taxation Office. I was unemployed and I had a family with debts to pay.

It seems like each time I was to create momentum a massive hit to my family will happen.

I help in the Philippines? The Foundation died before it started.

I get home and start a new job to help get our finances back to our feet? My wife needed to get some needed surgery and quick.

Our finances are starting to get better and literally weeks before things get back to square one, my timing belt snaps in our Camry.

Job 1:21

21 And he said, “Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked shall I return. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”

How does one take this into stride?


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