Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Sta Rosa Recap - Philippine Trip recap

So the 10th has arrived.

I am now just waiting for time to pass till we need to be walking to gate 6 and board the plane.
This certainly brings back memories of childhood

Managed to get into a nice little lounge for P650. Finger foods, drinks (booze included...   not much range, but at the cost of a meal and a few drinks, it hits the spot well enough) a comfy place to just chill (though I think their aircon needs dire servicing, I had to ask for a fan... twice... but there were no fans available) Service is the usual Pinoy high standard with bright smiles and helpful staff.

I reckon it was pretty good value for $18 AUD
My GAiN Comrades and I have conned the phrase "Suffering for the Gospel", which means you are caught enjoying the creature comforts of the place you are ministering in.

Frankly, I have nothing against "suffering for the Gospel. In fact, I think that it is completely separate from the work you are doing in the first place. The Gospel work is one, but fellowship with your fellow team mates is another. I ate at a 4 star hotel restaurant, paid for it, and had coffee afterwards with my friends because we just served over 400 patients and prayed with over 200 villagers who accepted the Lord Jesus. Please give me a bit of leeway if I have a desire to enjoy the company of my friends in a different setting.

I had the distinct honour of being the guest of Pastor Mannie Velante and his family. He took me to the LEAD Christian School in Sta. Rosa

The biggest honour was seeing the Holy Spirit move in the congregation and being used by the Lord to lead my cousin and my uncle back to Christ :)

The challenge back home is the funding.

The funding has not only been depleted, the rest of the funds have been withdrawn.

I never know how God sustains us in this endeavor but I know this. That by His Grace (and some smart business planning and fundraising) we can help this ministry for the school prosper.

Apologies for the short and lacklustre post. I have been in anxiety as to the future. This was drafted on the 10th Mar... and it is now the 18th.

I will be posting more, now that my anxiety has turned into a bit of rage... and righteous indignation.

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