Wednesday, 29 April 2015

It's over $9000 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Serious?? For shipping donated second hand laptops???
The computers are here!!! YAY!!!

We can go ahead and ship them bad boys.

Me: We're a not for profit that wants to ship 120 donated laptops to Laguna, Philippines.
Them: Do you use Li-Ion batteries?
Me: Yes! They are the most efficient way to power electronic devices now a days. Is that an issue?
Them: We classify them as dangerous goods. You need to fill in a waiver, mark them as dangerous and ship them separate.
Me: You do know that it's lithium ion... as in it is in a redox compound within a dry cell, wrapped inside an insulated container...
Them: What?
Me: Sure! re-packaging them now... how much is that again?
Them: around $7000 plus port taxes and GST.
Me: <dialtone> .......

So this conversation was around the end of March. Now 30 days later the Lord gave us a contact that can potentially give us the same service but for only $500 + GST. How?? Door-to-door delivery baby!! Love the Filipino networks.

However, I did pursue this avenue previously and received a similar answer to above. I have heard it mentioned that with prayer, coincidences happen.

I praise the Lord too for my wife's heart. As she created the LEAD video, she noticed the shoes on some students are worn out and in need of attention. So she reached out to our networks and collected outgrown shoes that would have been thrown away anyway. We collected 40 pairs so far. There will be a lot of very happy kids.

Real life really has a way to bring your intentions to a grinding halt. I am familiar with having multiple things going on. But this is the first time that my actions (or in this case, inaction) are going to impact families and children in this magnitude. Scary stuff.

My greatest hope is that the students we minister to take it on themselves to pay forward the blessings they have been given. May their hearts be bold enough to take hold the reins of their life's direction and with the Holy Spirit move in the direction that the Lord wants them to go.

We just need to look at a few generations to train and then they can find mentors from the previous batches.

The legacy I want to be remembered for, is the amount of love I have for the Lord manifested in my family and my ministry. Even if the Lord takes me away right now, I know that steps were taken towards the destiny He set aside for me.

Next Stop: Theistic Evolution! Why is this important??

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