Sunday, 11 January 2015

Don't Look Down

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If you start going through a road full of obstacles and the prospects look bleak in the short term, don't look down. Look to the horizon. The future where you are headed is the goal. The mess you are going through at the moment is temporary. The goal you have, however, is still there.

The goal of my life has always been to let people know about Jesus's Gift of Salvation with the use of the skills he has given me. I've been doing a Grad Dip in Education for high school.

My passion is to teach the students how to look for opportunities to better themselves, for them to be prepared to create jobs when they are able to, for them to be contributors, for them to be business owners and most importantly, for them to know Jesus in a deep and personal level.

Having a Christ-centred worldview means for us to be able to live and decide using the Lord to guide our volition. This doesn't mean that the path He wants us to walk down on is easy.

We postponed the "Restore" Concert because I was due to hand in my major assignments for my Graduate Diploma the weekend before. I was also in need of getting more advertising and ticket-selling.

I have two more major assignments due by Sunday, 18th Jan, so I am expecting to finish that by Thursday.

Speaking of which, I wanted to share my manifesto with all of you readers of mine.

Watch out for the next blog post!!

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