Monday, 20 January 2014

The Phoenix Foundation, Philippines - 24th Feb 2014

MacGyver was employed by such an organization, back in the late 80's when his mullet style haircut and Swiss army knife can solve all things...

Lor (my wife, a.k.a. the love of my life) and I have always had this idea of a Phoenix rising from the ashes. It is a great metaphor for what we are trying to do in the Philippines.

So far, I am leaving for the Philippines on the 24th Feb 2014. Now how is this different from the other times I am going? This time, I will be spending time helping typhoon survivors and investigating the establishment of a school that will focus on helping the poor. I will only have time to visit my relatives for a day, day and a half if I am lucky.

The kicker? I misread the instructions of association with the Global Aid Network and thought that the due date is the 8th of Feb, wherein the 14th Jan was the initial payment. Notch that one up to me being bad at instructions.

I was given an extension to pay the $1500 for another 7 days, so this truly is going to be a leap of faith.

What took me so long?

I had faith that the Lord wanted me to do this but I have two kids, bills and debts to pay, and ridiculously high ambitions for grandeur.

I had faith that this is my calling, yet my comfortable middle class lifestyle has really called me to minister to my computer keyboard and the netizens of Facebook and Twitter.

I had faith that my Filipino brethren are in dire need of this School but truthfully, I was doubtful that our Lord is able to provide.

Do not get me wrong, I still doubt but I am now going to step in Faith.

Faith that the first $1500 will be provided within this week, faith that the full $5000 I am hoping to raise will be capitalized before the 8th Feb, Faith that this mission trip to Tacloban will open my eyes to the suffering of my Filipino bretheren, Faith that this School is the mission the Lord has given my life.

To that extent, I will be committing myself to another blog (yes, as if this one gets enough hits or views or updates for that matter) in a more visceral manner... a Video Blog!!   This will hold myself accountable to the sponsors that have pledged their finances and prayers for this trip.

23rd Feb, this should be up for your viewing pleasure.

What I do ask, my dear reader(s) is for your prayer. Not for me, but for the Holy Spirit to move in the hearts of the people before me. As I provide relief from their physical and social needs, pray that the Spirit move in them that they realize their need for the Good News of Salvation.

What moved me from inaction into motion?

Lolo Amante. Typhoon Yolanda 

I love it when atheists ask: "Where is your god when disaster hits?"

I always answer, "He is in the heart of every one of those helping."

This time, I am glad to say, "He is in my heart, urging me to move."

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