Monday, 11 February 2013

It's Alive!!

Poor sleeping habits have given me an excuse to visit the blog, again... Not visiting the blog, but the poor sleeping habits part.

In this day and age, I have been addicted to excusing myself from reality and checking into a virtual one.

I have 3 Lvl 90 characters. Joboy, a hybrid Tank and Healer with a pretty pathetic iLvL, Agustine is my DPS main spek and Tank o/s and lastly I have Relashid, my hunter all the way back from Eonar.

All three have survived the rigorous leveling process of Pandaria and are safely nestled in the Shrine of Two Moons.

After the dailies and the grind of the dungeon finder, I am amazed that I am still interested. Over 100K gold left out of my stash and I have lost the love of gold making :(

In addition to my gaming, I have also been actively pwning n00bs in HALO (or is it, that I keep getting pwnt? Nah, I like it better in my version)

I must look into the addition of more gaming related posts in this blog as well.

OO look at that, a transmogged Prot Pallie!

Joeboi, the Pallie before the Mists
I was quite enamoured by this toon because of the lore and abilities of paladins. But unfortunately my RP has been looked down upon by the server because ... er.. it's PVP and not RPPVP :0p


Consider this as a buper post. Low quality,  even less content, but at least I managed to still survive blogging interests after my Lolo has passed!

God Bless you All!!

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