Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Amante Rimando - RIP 8 May 1932 - 14th Jun 2012

My Lolo (grandfather) putting me (2 months) to sleep

I love you Daddy Lolo. You will always be in my heart. Thank you for putting a dream in my heart for a better Philippines.

You were my first mentor and my first idol. When I was a kid I grew up believing that you really did buy Japan for me and is having it towed to us so I can have all the toys I wanted. I believed you because that is how incredible you were to me.

I am so blessed to be your grandchild. I got to know you and you passed on some of your wisdom to me. I will always cherish the special times when you and Mommy Fely flew to Australia to visit us. I will always regret that my children will never get to know you the way I did. I will miss the times you bought taho in the morning when I woke up at holidays, the Mah-Jong tips you would give me or the times you would let me sit at your desk at work, pretending that I was the SVP of Finance at GSIS. You would encourage me to always be better than what I can be and to work hard to get where I needed to be.

Thank you for your love, your guidance and for helping me see the plan our Lord Jesus has for my life. and I so very much look forward to seeing you in Heaven. I love you lolo. I will miss you very very much.

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