Saturday, 3 March 2012

How He turned Slaves into a Powerful nation

I am a P.U.G. (pick up group) affectionado. Mainly because I like the stark dichotomy of society rearing their ugly head on a missed pull or a DPS not optimally performing will cause a variety of trolls to vomit their bile all over the chat. Also it gives me the chance to see the direct opposite in meeting some of the loveliest bunch of fun-seekers in the game.

But instance-pugging, especially for a self-confessed Tanking addict, is a really safe way to get to know the gameplay before you volunteer for the rest of the guild.

By taking the bare bones basics, you are able to put together a more complex idea and next thing you know, you are progressing into Deathwing's Maw and letting that monster taste your enchanted blade.

So too did the Isrealites have this problem.

In the greater society of the ancient middle east, Israel was a collection of slaves who ransacked their neighbours in Egypt lead by one of the former princes of the same country. Mentality wise, attitude and posture they were not in the best shape of leadership. They are a people ready for plunder.

But the Lord applied some basic principles (Exodus 21 onward) and made explicit and Clear examples of what is and is not expected.

I was to preach on this today but all my study lead me to ask the question "Why did God put this chapter here in the Bible?" instead of the usual "Lord show me something here to preach".

Plain and simply, this was the WoW-Head of the Isrealites. This is how their daily quests were completed. A clear-cut, simplified method given by an All-Knowing God.

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